Silence! The teacher is not here.

“Silence, Guys or at least talk slowly!” shouted the Class Representative at the top of his voice. Do you think the class would ever listen to him? No Way! Or my class would never listen to him for sure!

School Days! When you never knew that missing it and longing for it would be a big curse in your future. In this post I’m gonna reminisce whatever happens during a free hour at school. (Seatbelts Up! I’m gonna Mind Travel. Well, you can just continue reading).

10 minutes. That’s the time we had for our First Recess and the next period would mostly be handled by a very Strict, Complaining Staff. One Pleasant day she might not come to that hour for a reason (Mostly like, the Principal wanted to meet her or stuff. There is no other way she is gonna miss boring us yet again) and that Hour would make your day!

The Class Representative declares The Proclamation of Freedom amidst the roaring applause from his students (Sad that you failed to realize An Era of Dictatorship has officially initiated with that Statement). Now the class totally repositions. The nerdy first-bencher goes to the third bench and starts to boast about the records he completed to those less-nerdy folks! (One should feel sorry for them). The One Man Army Guy goes to the first bench to show to his nation that he is more studies-minded. And the last bench, A four seater fills up with 8 students who are now in the lap of luxury! (This applies for girls too)

Now tell with me, “Backbenchers rule the class and the world” (Factually too, this is the truth).

The Procrastinator finally starts the assignment he should have finished two days back (The Wooden Scale Marks on his hand enforced him). The Hand Cricket tournament begins right away and sometimes A BET comes in too (You know once my team lost 90 bucks in an hour. We paid them). The film freaks start fighting for their hero. That lover boy starts staring at his crush without the class noticing (The lover girl too!). The Class is becoming as noisy as A FISH MARKET (Shucks! I can no longer go to that Fish Market anymore). Not to forget that FLAMES Game we had. Who will take care of the Background Music? A Mimicry Artist would come handy now. And probably safeguard your lunch boxes from those evil, hungry foodies.

And those Girls Gossips (Accept it! Friends) will give you every detail about the School, The Administration, Why A Guy was made to sit in the first bench? Why the Character in the series they watch lost a watch? Why there are no Aliens? I won’t say every girl does that (Think about it as this guy’s stupid perception and feel escaped).

Two types of Class Representatives we would have come through. The guy who writes the name of the talkative students on the board (Who has his name written with nicknames on a bench!) and The guy who stands near the doorway to inform us about a Staff or the Head-Mistress passing by.(Like I was back then!)

The Happy Hour ends with the bell tringing (The class gets back to the Old positions but what couldn’t get back on track was the students concentration or Cunning Smiles)

For few who never enjoyed it, this maybe just One hour. But for us A Whole Load of Nostalgic Memories and important pages of our Diary.

Oh! I forgot that Paper Rocket…


Ok! Come back to the Real World! Nothing of that is yours. You were just dreaming. Go to work or to your College and think about it.

“And, Silence! Those were just your memories”.

Happy Life!!
© just barath, The Sturdy Backbencher

P.s. – And my schoolmates are gonna guess who’s who now!

King of the World

The street musician started singing..
“I’m the Kiiiing offf the wooorld..”

His cotton crown on the ground was  clinking.
Both were Metals and it was more than enough for him to be the King.
I’m the King of the world”

-©just barath

Loved, Loving and to love

To talk about love has never been a taboo to anyone in this planet. Even to those who use #ForeverAlone in Social Media. So let us come back to the real world from our writers club and be common folk for a while. I want you to try to answer some simple questions that I ask you through this post in your mind and in the Comments Section. Can you? (You gotta answer this one too!)

To those who loved something or someone in the past, When did you decide that you started loving it/him/her? Mind travel to that situation and just take a look at everything else. Mostly you might not remember every fine detail (Step out of your Writer or Avid Reader Shoes, Please) you would just remember them and the comfy spot they put your heart into. Those moments are the ones that define your life. How hard it should have been to step out of it or lose it and move on? It would be like walking alone on a frozen lake where you could see them underneath the Ice and when you realize getting back to them is next to impossible. What made you walk on the Ice? Your Decisions.

To those who are loving something or someone, What did you do when you committed a mistake in connection with you both? I feel Relationships are built by mistakes. It was a mistake you did when you turned Left, instead of right which made you see them for the first time. Love never happens, it just materializes from the mistakes that you were destined to commit. Only when you learn to make use of the mistakes as Catalysts, the reactions take place. Every mistake strengthens the love and loving is never a mistake.

To those who are going to love, how do you define Love? A Desire, a destiny, an event or an experience. Love is all these and something more too. It is simple and complex, It is tricky but sometimes comes with a Step by Step Guide. It is something that everyone and everything feels in all instances of life. Don’t go with the uncomplicated explanation that it deals with the relationship of two people. It is lot more than that. No words can adequately describe its true nature. So don’t waste your time trying to describe it. Just sense it in every freaking thing that is present in this planet and then that Love would make your life a imperfectly beautiful tale with happily-ever-after’s (Even without those Fairies, Unicorns, Witches or Kittens)

We are loved, we are loving and we have something left to love always…

Happy Life

                                                                               -©JUST BARATH

My travel diary. Page #1

It was 12:10 P.M. You know the Sun, well he is a close friend of mine. He catches up with me every day (Sometimes he gets unbearably affectionate *me weeps here*). I packed my bags for this Trip of mine. Books, Hydrating Agents, Pen and all! I had the normal Indian Lunch but had to purchase things on the way. I started walking and hit on my friend on the way, with whom I talked about some of the differences between my School and College Life AS USUAL. Things started to get happy as he joined my trip. We knew where we were going, the travelling hours and all but travelling with Friends diminishes all other difficulties.

The journey went on and suddenly. Oh! That’s a different bird *click* (A lovable Pic) and there I quenched my passion for photography. I felt the pic was beautiful and so INSTAGRAMMED it. Well! you know SOCIAL life. My friend who was walking next to me took his mobile liked my picture and commented “You nail’d it Man!” (That’s Friendship).

We stopped by a store that was under that dense canopy of trees and bought some Gums, Drinks and all for the trip. My friend pointed out at a cute little kid who was staring at us. Man I loved his innocent smile. Hope he never loses it even when he gets betrayed by the rules of the world.

And the discussions continued (*beep* Between friends things *beep*). Vehicles shooed by at such speeds. Where the hell are they going? Don’t they know that the fun is in travelling! (Someone has to share my blog to them and teach them). We silently crept between those metal animals and the journey ended.

Yes. The journey was to my Bus Stop. And its 12:24 P.M. now.

When a journey of just 14 minutes can be this heartwarming. It is not a must that you have to spend 25k straight away, go to another city and meet my friend Sun there. I am sure this trip would last in my mind forever because of that insignificant but ‘Means a lot to me’ conversation I had with my buddy. This trip will stay in my mind just like the 1 lakh trip that I will go in the future when I earn 2 lakhs a month (I may. who knows?). So don’t force your parents, siblings for the cash. Earn it. Spend it like you will have an increment every day.

One last thing. A JUST BARATH special (Who is this JUST BARATH? Well your writer, Me!)

“It’s not just about travelling 100 miles in your first trip. It’s about letting your heart conquer that distance in every single journey.”
                                                                                                             – Just Barath.
Bon Voyage readers…

The Happy Beginning

I probably don’t know where I’m gonna end up. But if things are meant to be this way, I really can’t change it… You know why? Simple, I’m Lazy.

Blogging has never been in my veins. It has been in one of my Wild Imaginations where I got close to writing an entire essay in my exam without a Grammar Mistake and you don’t know how long my essays were! I’m an average looking, average eating, average human and blogging was not so easy or cool.

Its 7:51 P.M. The 5th of May, 2016. A crazy night, A LONELY night and the first day I started watching F.R.I.E.N.D.S. It’s important to tell my readers the Secret behind my self-declared victory. As I told you before (Not so earlier and all, just 2 sentences before) I am LONELY (Sad music here please! PERFECT).

I don’t remember the blogs that I read for completing my Assignments in my 6th or 7th Grade. But someone who really made me understand the Fun of Blogging was my Drona, Ms.Nandhitha Hariharan. I just met her through her words and it struck me hard in my heart. Thank you Mam. And my dear Friend  Dr.Edwin Biju who was the first one who asked ME to write and sent the link to her blog. You are the one who set this Guy up on this Journey. Krishna Prabhu Anna I will make you read this and prove that I am not A Civil Services Material. My dear, dear Friends If I can make you all happy it can only be through these works because you will get all your TREATS that I promised long time ago only after I earn. Thank you Mom for the tea that just got served. Thank you Rakesh for this laptop and Thank you Dad for Internet Connection. Thanks to all the 7.4 Billion People (Google Said so!)On this universe.

I am gonna try publish works that are super cool or awesome (I am actually talking to myself now). I wanna quote the line that got me typing this first work. Quoted from my A-Stream English Book- TALKING ABOUT WRITING by URSULA K. LE. GUIN-

“You want to be a writer. So what do you do? You write.”

Man! That’s so deep… I don’t know if I wanna be a writer but, I enjoy reading my works and I want you all to enjoy it too. Sorry for those many Parentheses (Oh! Thank You autocorrect for the Right Spelling) but parentheses are so my thing you’ll enjoy using it too. As the tagline of my Blog Title says Lets start feeling happy for those Imperfections. Because Life on the whole is

Imperfectly Beautiful.

First Cheers! Wishing you a Happy Life friends!
Background Music – Curtain Closing, A Champagne Bottle Popping open and the Sound of your Casual Smile (I love it the most).