The Happy Beginning

I probably don’t know where I’m gonna end up. But if things are meant to be this way, I really can’t change it… You know why? Simple, I’m Lazy.

Blogging has never been in my veins. It has been in one of my Wild Imaginations where I got close to writing an entire essay in my exam without a Grammar Mistake and you don’t know how long my essays were! I’m an average looking, average eating, average human and blogging was not so easy or cool.

Its 7:51 P.M. The 5th of May, 2016. A crazy night, A LONELY night and the first day I started watching F.R.I.E.N.D.S. It’s important to tell my readers the Secret behind my self-declared victory. As I told you before (Not so earlier and all, just 2 sentences before) I am LONELY (Sad music here please! PERFECT).

I don’t remember the blogs that I read for completing my Assignments in my 6th or 7th Grade. But someone who really made me understand the Fun of Blogging was my Drona, Ms.Nandhitha Hariharan. I just met her through her words and it struck me hard in my heart. Thank you Mam. And my dear Friend  Dr.Edwin Biju who was the first one who asked ME to write and sent the link to her blog. You are the one who set this Guy up on this Journey. Krishna Prabhu Anna I will make you read this and prove that I am not A Civil Services Material. My dear, dear Friends If I can make you all happy it can only be through these works because you will get all your TREATS that I promised long time ago only after I earn. Thank you Mom for the tea that just got served. Thank you Rakesh for this laptop and Thank you Dad for Internet Connection. Thanks to all the 7.4 Billion People (Google Said so!)On this universe.

I am gonna try publish works that are super cool or awesome (I am actually talking to myself now). I wanna quote the line that got me typing this first work. Quoted from my A-Stream English Book- TALKING ABOUT WRITING by URSULA K. LE. GUIN-

“You want to be a writer. So what do you do? You write.”

Man! That’s so deep… I don’t know if I wanna be a writer but, I enjoy reading my works and I want you all to enjoy it too. Sorry for those many Parentheses (Oh! Thank You autocorrect for the Right Spelling) but parentheses are so my thing you’ll enjoy using it too. As the tagline of my Blog Title says Lets start feeling happy for those Imperfections. Because Life on the whole is

Imperfectly Beautiful.

First Cheers! Wishing you a Happy Life friends!
Background Music – Curtain Closing, A Champagne Bottle Popping open and the Sound of your Casual Smile (I love it the most).


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