Loved, Loving and to love

To talk about love has never been a taboo to anyone in this planet. Even to those who use #ForeverAlone in Social Media. So let us come back to the real world from our writers club and be common folk for a while. I want you to try to answer some simple questions that I ask you through this post in your mind and in the Comments Section. Can you? (You gotta answer this one too!)

To those who loved something or someone in the past, When did you decide that you started loving it/him/her? Mind travel to that situation and just take a look at everything else. Mostly you might not remember every fine detail (Step out of your Writer or Avid Reader Shoes, Please) you would just remember them and the comfy spot they put your heart into. Those moments are the ones that define your life. How hard it should have been to step out of it or lose it and move on? It would be like walking alone on a frozen lake where you could see them underneath the Ice and when you realize getting back to them is next to impossible. What made you walk on the Ice? Your Decisions.

To those who are loving something or someone, What did you do when you committed a mistake in connection with you both? I feel Relationships are built by mistakes. It was a mistake you did when you turned Left, instead of right which made you see them for the first time. Love never happens, it just materializes from the mistakes that you were destined to commit. Only when you learn to make use of the mistakes as Catalysts, the reactions take place. Every mistake strengthens the love and loving is never a mistake.

To those who are going to love, how do you define Love? A Desire, a destiny, an event or an experience. Love is all these and something more too. It is simple and complex, It is tricky but sometimes comes with a Step by Step Guide. It is something that everyone and everything feels in all instances of life. Don’t go with the uncomplicated explanation that it deals with the relationship of two people. It is lot more than that. No words can adequately describe its true nature. So don’t waste your time trying to describe it. Just sense it in every freaking thing that is present in this planet and then that Love would make your life a imperfectly beautiful tale with happily-ever-after’s (Even without those Fairies, Unicorns, Witches or Kittens)

We are loved, we are loving and we have something left to love always…

Happy Life

                                                                               -©JUST BARATH


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