Silence! The teacher is not here.

“Silence, Guys or at least talk slowly!” shouted the Class Representative at the top of his voice. Do you think the class would ever listen to him? No Way! Or my class would never listen to him for sure!

School Days! When you never knew that missing it and longing for it would be a big curse in your future. In this post I’m gonna reminisce whatever happens during a free hour at school. (Seatbelts Up! I’m gonna Mind Travel. Well, you can just continue reading).

10 minutes. That’s the time we had for our First Recess and the next period would mostly be handled by a very Strict, Complaining Staff. One Pleasant day she might not come to that hour for a reason (Mostly like, the Principal wanted to meet her or stuff. There is no other way she is gonna miss boring us yet again) and that Hour would make your day!

The Class Representative declares The Proclamation of Freedom amidst the roaring applause from his students (Sad that you failed to realize An Era of Dictatorship has officially initiated with that Statement). Now the class totally repositions. The nerdy first-bencher goes to the third bench and starts to boast about the records he completed to those less-nerdy folks! (One should feel sorry for them). The One Man Army Guy goes to the first bench to show to his nation that he is more studies-minded. And the last bench, A four seater fills up with 8 students who are now in the lap of luxury! (This applies for girls too)

Now tell with me, “Backbenchers rule the class and the world” (Factually too, this is the truth).

The Procrastinator finally starts the assignment he should have finished two days back (The Wooden Scale Marks on his hand enforced him). The Hand Cricket tournament begins right away and sometimes A BET comes in too (You know once my team lost 90 bucks in an hour. We paid them). The film freaks start fighting for their hero. That lover boy starts staring at his crush without the class noticing (The lover girl too!). The Class is becoming as noisy as A FISH MARKET (Shucks! I can no longer go to that Fish Market anymore). Not to forget that FLAMES Game we had. Who will take care of the Background Music? A Mimicry Artist would come handy now. And probably safeguard your lunch boxes from those evil, hungry foodies.

And those Girls Gossips (Accept it! Friends) will give you every detail about the School, The Administration, Why A Guy was made to sit in the first bench? Why the Character in the series they watch lost a watch? Why there are no Aliens? I won’t say every girl does that (Think about it as this guy’s stupid perception and feel escaped).

Two types of Class Representatives we would have come through. The guy who writes the name of the talkative students on the board (Who has his name written with nicknames on a bench!) and The guy who stands near the doorway to inform us about a Staff or the Head-Mistress passing by.(Like I was back then!)

The Happy Hour ends with the bell tringing (The class gets back to the Old positions but what couldn’t get back on track was the students concentration or Cunning Smiles)

For few who never enjoyed it, this maybe just One hour. But for us A Whole Load of Nostalgic Memories and important pages of our Diary.

Oh! I forgot that Paper Rocket…


Ok! Come back to the Real World! Nothing of that is yours. You were just dreaming. Go to work or to your College and think about it.

“And, Silence! Those were just your memories”.

Happy Life!!
© just barath, The Sturdy Backbencher

P.s. – And my schoolmates are gonna guess who’s who now!


8 thoughts on “Silence! The teacher is not here.

  1. Phew… mind travel ws osm buddy😍😘… longing to go back to those atleast fr a day… anyways fabulous macha.. u have a long way to go.. #bff🤗😇

    Liked by 1 person

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