The 10 mins love letter

Our professor gives us some cool stuff to discuss or do in the last 10 minutes of an hour. We love his class and never have I missed one of his classes! This happened last semester. He was teaching us a novel. When he realized that the class had started sleeping, he stopped teaching and asked us to write a love letter. He asked us to choose a profession and to write a letter with things related to that profession. We were crazy literature students and this is the best possible thing that could happen. That was the point that I completely felt the difference of being in a arts college.

I chose to be a Librarian and this was the letter I wrote, with few additions. This letter is purely fictional. All credits to the authors who created these titles.

Dear Gitanjali,
                         Things fell apart when I saw you in the Chamber of My Secrets. You broke all my Great Expectations. I was thinking All Night Long. Under the Fifty Shades of the Twilight lets have A walk to remember. You mixed in my heart a strange and comforting feeling like an expert Alchemist. I can’t bear this Holocaust. I’m ready to face the War and Peace, for this Crazy, Stupid Lover Guy will come only from you. I was troubled a lot by the Madding Crowd, you came into my life and then there were none. Will you be The Centre of My Earth.
                                                                                                    Always yours,
Harry Potter a.k.a just barath.

P.s.- Good to be back writing. You know what folks. I’m getting busy. This means a lot you know! Will post often in the coming days.

3 Day Quote Challenge- Day 3

The last day of the challenge and here it is.

Credits- Collective Evolution

This quote is one of the strongest I have ever seen. I’ve seen people following people blindly without knowing about the person’s intention. They just come to a conclusion that everything he tells will be right. The saddest part I see this very much prevalent in my country. Its not a must that you have to follow the mass. Because its your life and you gotta decide whom to follow and whose ass to kick. I totally believe this quote.
Challenge Completed.
Now time to get back to old ways!
– just barath

3 Day Quote Challenge- Day 2

Its the second day of the challenge. Thanks again to The Quiet Girl Blogger. Lets get down to business.

A good quote should define the truth, should never lie. Yeah! There will be a time when you wanna break something that shows a quote that just gets an angry beast out of you. It defines your situation upside-down. There is nothing wrong in it.
The truth is the truth. Even when it mains unbearable pain to you.


Some wounds they don’t disappear. There is a reason for that. That wound serves as a Big-Time companion. This quote came to me and told me Cloud-Nine is never permanent. I totally love this quote. All credits to its creator, whoever it is.
I’m nominating people tomorrow. Sorry!

3 Day Quote Challenge- Day 1

Hello People! I know its pretty soon to post another story. But challenges have to faced. Any time is the best time to do it.
I’ve been nominated for the “3 days Quote Challenge” by Ms.Madhavi Singh. Thanks again Madhavi. She writes on The quiet girl blogger Ok! Lets do it.

“Some words come to you when you need them the most. They stand before you and then enter your heart. They heal some wounds, intensifies certain feelings, gives the right type of pain and those words never lie to you”.

These quotes that I am about to share were mostly found on Facebook. Credits to the one who wrote it and the one who posted it.


Romance and Peace are two Impressions that are mostly misunderstood. But this quote here is the truth! The hard-hitting truth.

The Rules : 

 1: Thank the person that nominated you.
2: Post 1-3 quotes each day for 3 consecutive days.
3: Nominate 3 bloggers each day to participate in the 3-day Quote Challenge.

I nominate-
Lakshman Raj



I’m a kinda living in the dream Guy. Sometimes I dream of starting a protest against an Ill-Reform of the Government. Sometimes I dream about travelling in a canoe in a forest and Stuff. My Imaginations were never common ones. And Blogging was one such Imagination. Getting to know that you have got readers and The Internet telling right at your face that you are a Writer is definetly an awesome achievement. I’ll take this Liebster Award Nomination down the line, to the last day of my life.
My hearty thanks to Ms.Madhavi Singh, my Blogging Buddy for nominating me. She writes some really interesting and relatable works at The Quiet Girl Blogger.



11 facts about me..
i)I love staring at the Sky.

ii)I am 18 or maybe 19( I don’t know how they calculate it).

iii)I am a Junk-Foodie.

iv)I am learning Guitar (Don’t worry I’ll not upload my songs anytime soon).

v)I am kinda good in Photography too..

vi)I am not an Insomniac ( I am a total Sleepy-Head)

vii)I am a literature Student.

viii)I am not good in Starting conversations, but I’ll guarantee a cool conversation if you begin it.

ix)I am a Student-Journalist.

x)I just wanna earn money that would be enough for my family and for me to scale the heights and depths of this world (Big Money!)

xi)Sometimes I read books with the wrong side up!


1.Which book or movie title describes your life currently?
Answer: Fight Club.

2.What is it that scares the bejesus out of you (in one sentence)?
Answer: An empty Wallet.

3. Do you read a lot? What is your favorite novel or a piece of writing?
Answer: Yes. I read a lot. The Novel that first came to mind now is “The Kite Runner” by Khaled Hossaini. A novel that comes close to my heart.

4. Do you miss school? What is your favourite School Memory?
Answer: I really miss school. I studied in the same school from my kindergarten to my 12th, which means I have been going to this place for 14 years. Knowing that you can’t go to the place anymore like you did before is pain. My favourite School memory will come in as a Separate Post soon( you know what I mean by soon!)

5. Are you satisfied with what you do and have in life or do you want something more? What is it that is still missing in your life?
Answer: No. I’m not satisfied. Satisfactions they stop me on my quest to awesomeness. I definetly want something more. I want more fun, thrill and more Moments!
I really miss not being able to take decisions easily. Now when you you ask me take some big decisions I have to think about a lot of stuff before saying that Yes or that No. I wanna live with the flow, decide and go for it. I miss that.

6. Who is your role model? Why?
Answer: You. Yeah! You my reader. I’m not playing smart here. Just because you have spent time for me. You have come all the way to the 6th answer of an Amateur Blogger, which I want to see in every human I see. I want to be a man who gives Chances to people when they need it, like y’all.

7. Are you an Insomniac? When was the last time you slept before 10 PM?
Answer: I am not an Insomniac. There was no need for being an Insomniac in my life. I go to bed around 11 PM.

8. Which is your favourite genre in music?
Answer: I don’t like keeping favourites in Music, Cinema or Literature. I love Country Music and Rap (I told you right this is why I don’t keep Favourites). My Special tastes.

9. Would you go to a club with your friends or sit back home and enjoy a whole pizza while watching a movie or a TV series alone?
Answer: If my friends are calling me out I would go with them anywhere. Even if they call me to simply talk or walk aimlessly in the deserted streets. I would go. Serials can wait.

10. Your biggest Pet peeve is?
Answer: My biggest pet peeve is being around Know-it-all kinda people. They just spoil the mood.

11.“The world is about to end. You have 24 hours.” What do you do?
Answer: If I have Big Bucks in my Pocket. I will hire a BMW i8 or M3 and go for a ride. If I don’t have money I’ll sit back home and enjoy a whole pizza while watching a movie or a TV series with my friends.

1.What is Love?
2.The First book that comes to your mind now?
3.Your Favourite Fictitious Character? Why do you love it?
4.Are you a Plan-it-all or a Play-it-on Character?
5.Books or Ebooks?
6.Some words we read in a book or somewhere else define us? Share something that you read that defined your life intact?
7.Why did you start Blogging?
8.The person you idolize? Why?
9.You are walking by a dense forest. A genie pops in suddenly. It tells you that you can have anyone you wish to help you know. Whom will you call? Why?
10.The last 10 days of the world and you win an all expense paid trip to any place in this world of your choice. Where will you go?
11.Share a situation which tested your Patience?

The Prattler’s blog
Cloudy with a chance of Polka dots
chasing agatha
Lakshman Raj
Le Amusant

The Not so Serious Post!

What am I doing? Why am I not publishing any posts on my blog? I am supposed to write, type and publish. But here I am typing out a reason why I have not posted any work on my blog. I’ve had the resources. A Pen (A Brand New One! Like that Matters a lot ), Empty Sheets, the Borrowed Laptop, my 2G Internet Connection and an Empty Mind. Still, there is something that prevents me from writing.

It’s like all the Rain, its noise on your roof, the drops that fall on you after it hits the window sill, the Hot cup of Coffee, the blurred Sight of your Neem Tree in that hustling Night, the smiley that you just drew on your window pane, the Uncomfortable Office Chair, a Slightly raised writing arrangement, no Mobile phones, no one asking you to go to the shop nearby, the messy room arrangement that helps you from not getting distracted admiring the wall or your Childhood Photo, the Nature’s Alarm that you did not set, a cool pillow for extra comfort when you lean, the sound of clicking the Ball-Point Pen(What do you exactly call that kinda Pen?), someone singing your favorite song from the top of a hill, the glasses that never let you sleep when you lean on your desk, the cool appreciation and advice you got from the people who mean a lot to you, an Award Nomination that you received from your blogging buddy about which you actually know nothing and your heart’s deepest desire which YOU now want to be only a memory could not get me write the first sentence.

For these problems, people might blame their mind for being so messed up with stuff ranging from exams to results to responsibilities, but in my case it was just my Stupid, Immature Heart. It controls my every Sub-Conscious.. Whatever you call it stuff. It’s just enjoying the rest I am giving it and never wants to get back to work even after I tell it “It’s not a Sunday Stupid!”.

Should I Continue Writ

P.s- The last sentence means that I have slept in the midst of this typing process.
Did you smile now (I mean an Angry Smile, at least?) If so kindly comment because, I could consider that my MISSION was just ACCOMPLISHED. The Rest of this post would be posted later Of course You’d have known what will be in it.

Hola!   – ©just barath