The 10 mins love letter

Our professor gives us some cool stuff to discuss or do in the last 10 minutes of an hour. We love his class and never have I missed one of his classes! This happened last semester. He was teaching us a novel. When he realized that the class had started sleeping, he stopped teaching and asked us to write a love letter. He asked us to choose a profession and to write a letter with things related to that profession. We were crazy literature students and this is the best possible thing that could happen. That was the point that I completely felt the difference of being in a arts college.

I chose to be a Librarian and this was the letter I wrote, with few additions. This letter is purely fictional. All credits to the authors who created these titles.

Dear Gitanjali,
                         Things fell apart when I saw you in the Chamber of My Secrets. You broke all my Great Expectations. I was thinking All Night Long. Under the Fifty Shades of the Twilight lets have A walk to remember. You mixed in my heart a strange and comforting feeling like an expert Alchemist. I can’t bear this Holocaust. I’m ready to face the War and Peace, for this Crazy, Stupid Lover Guy will come only from you. I was troubled a lot by the Madding Crowd, you came into my life and then there were none. Will you be The Centre of My Earth.
                                                                                                    Always yours,
Harry Potter a.k.a just barath.

P.s.- Good to be back writing. You know what folks. I’m getting busy. This means a lot you know! Will post often in the coming days.


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