The IEEE Sight Camp

Ok. I just forgot to share this about me. I am a part of a NGO by the name ANGELS OF MARINA. We clean the Marina Beach, Chennai (Separate post coming soon) every week. My team sent me on a learning mission to a camp organized by an organization called IEEE at a kind of remote village called Eraviputhenthurai, Kanyakumari District. My organization sponsored for all my expenses. I and two of my friends attended the camp representing our organization.

I dedicate this post to our Organization, maybe team or Wait! Family would be better.

It was a five days camp. It was set to bring engineers down to the ground and take them to different Traditional Professions and intrigue them on how they can technologically innovate and make the processes easy. Each day had totally different stuff to learn and stuff to eat too! The village. Man! Was filled with love like, totally.


The Camp's logo

The first day was a briefing session and a Know-each-other day. The learning thing began the next day. We had field visits, live demos and many more of those stuff. I was the Odd-One-Out of that pack. As y’all know I am an Arts Student and everyone else were Engineering students.

I don’t know how but every technological stuff I suggested was something that was not possible at all (am thinking should I be happy with that?). We had many short travels in this trip and each can be described in separate posts!! There were surprises too! Like when I got the “Best Student of The Day Award “on Day 2 (I mean Are you Serious!).

One thing that I was really comfortable was the Clean-up which we led on Day 4. The place was Wiensburg Tsunami Village. A small area covering 20 to 30 houses and surrounded by heaps of trash. The Clean-Up team was one of the best I have interacted with. With so little resources we achieved a mammoth of a task. Three Cheers to the Team.


The Clean-Up team

The Camp had to end anyway. But the most heartbreaking thing was to tell bye to the village.

We packed a day ahead due to an exam issue and got back home. We then got a news that our team (The Three of Us!) won A Special Recognition Award at the Valedictory Function.
Thanks to our Organization Angels of Marina, our Sponsors, IEEE team, our Camp-Mates and our families.

-©just Barath 


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