I raised my glass

Everything was set and ready. The table was set. As it was in the past and it might be forever (Hopefully not!) I had to volunteer and start first. But on this occasion I am eternally happy on having that chance.

“Can I have Everyone’s attention Please?” I stroke the Glass with the spoon and everyone including her turned to me.

“I’d like to propose a toast to the happy couple” I started. “If the groom was actually my best friend, instead of the bride. I would have planned a perfect revenge toast for everything he did teasing me, making fun of me in the past. But fortunately for you all, the bride is my best friend. Unlike most of you, I actually wanted to see her Tears of Joy, because earlier I only had the chance to wipe her tears when she came to me and worried about failing an exam and not having the guts to tell it to her dad. Good Old Days! I still cannot understand how this woman who could not tell it to her dad that day… Tell something more serious to my Man here. You’ve grown up Jellybeans” I paused and looked at her smiling.

“Oh! Wait. Can I still call you that? Because bae you know when I prepared a better formal speech I had a line where I wanted your full name. I could not remember it! I had to look into your invitation for it.” She nodded, still smiling. “Sorry! I have the formal speech here in my pocket but later I realized my best friend definitely deserves something better than something on Google”. She laughed at me. “So, I decided to go with the flow. I will not respond to your messages on time from now, I will not give missed calls often, I will just think about you now and then, because you are now with someone who can take care of you like me! Definitely not better than me! A’int I right? It might be a lil’ awkward. And surely nothing compared to your Dad. He will surpass us all with time Jellybeans. I can see that in him”. She looked at him. I took a moment admiring them. Then they both looked at me. I cannot exactly decipher that look.

I continued, “You guys will make the best couple on earth! But on few conditions! The best couple when we don’t take cooking, keeping the room clean always into consideration. She gave a funnily, angry stare and she started to tell something, I interrupted, “Ah! Ah! Spring Cleaning alone doesn’t count, Jellybeans!”. She smirked. “Don’t worry you’ll learn and my buddy I warn you! Do not taste her noodles before her. It’s ok if you want to impress her at times. But otherwise stay away from it”. He hid his mouth with his hand from her and whispered “Thanks for the advice, buddy”. She caught him doing that and gave a light elbow blow to him. “Ouch!” I said and continued, “I got more of that and got used to it. She won’t be troubling me, Complaining about everything I do to my mom, Not letting me go around with any other guys even, whom she doesn’t like and teasing the other girls whom I was interested in. It would be a sugar-coated lie if I say I’m totally happy. Because I would miss all that I said before. I’ll always get caught when I lie to her. Buddy! This is another warning”.

She gave me THAT stare. I told her, “Wait for me to finish this. Like people pass on relics I would want to pass onto my man here, something”. I reached under the table and got a helmet and pointed it to him. “She is the worst driver. Do not let her drive. If she convinces you. Wear this without fail. I used to wear elbow pads and knee pads too. You know?” They both stood up and walked towards me. She said, “Enough! I’ll tell the rest of Your Story at your wedding” and hugged me. He removed the helmet from my hand and joined the hug. The hug lasted a while. The crowd was clapping to us. We three bowed to them and laughed at them with a slight pinch of embarrassment. She would have already got half her speech ready! I should be careful.

“And yeah! This is to the Happy Couple and my best friends!” I raised my Glass.



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