DuffeR diaries


“Duffer! Climb up right now!”

She is talking about me. Where did I end it last time? It’s better to not know certain things right now. Ok! I can’t keep secrets from y’all. I did not reply anything to her that day. So, once the coffees turned cold. We paid up, smiled like we loved the coffee and started our way back home.

I decided to go to the bus terminus with her and that was her yelling at me for standing on the footboard of our bus. Footboard is where I learn my life lessons. I know ‘Footboard Travelling is injurious to health.’ Still…

“Barath! There’s place… come up!” she told again.
“I won’t. I like it here” I smiled.
“Ok! I’ll come down, then” she took a step forward. “Footboarding is for the Pros, for boys like me” I raised my hand indicating her to stop. “Yeah! I now know you’re a boy(smiles). Can you grow up a little?” she won the conversation.

I silently stepped up. I wanted to act like she did not tease me at all. But I know this fact and I am recording it here for all the times to come! I am a terrible actor. I miserably failed.

She looked at me, hid her mouth with her hand and smiled. Everest of embarrassment! I took out my earphones from the pocket. Yes! The perfectly entangled one. “Are you serious?” she asked in a raised tone. “You told you’ll come to the terminus with me and now you take out your earphones!” she completed.

I put them back in my pocket. “Sorry! If you feel bad for what I told. I don’t want you traveling on footboards ever again. Please! Don’t make me lecture about this to you. I am not at all the lecture type” she waited for a reply.
“Now be normal again” she smiled.

“Ok! Normal is not coming anytime soon. It will take some time or something to come back” I told firmly.
This particular way is how men roll. An embarrassment that worked out well takes some time to wear off in men. Even if it’s from a close person.

“Take your time. It’s my mistake. You know what? Climb down just one step, if you want” she looked like she completed, “No.. no. You stay there silently. Not a problem. No climbing down!” she added. I looked at her smiling.

That bus trip turned out to be a little awkward. That’s what happens in reality. This is why fairy tales, with 100% happiness do not come with us past elementary school. Fairy tales will not happen unless it’s the BLUE MOON DAY! Let us grow up! There is no lie in awkward situations. It’s the nothing but the truth. If searching for the tiny beauties in that truth is your quest, you will never fail. According to just barath Theory of Life, “It’s always about seeing happiness in imperfEctoins.”

She was looking at me throughout the trip, hoping I’d get back to my normal state. And if that isn’t romantic? What else is!

This duffer’s diary and lectures will continue,,,
– just barath©

The 4th Episode- Jack’s Sparrows


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