13 Reasons Why- A Sticky Note



So, why did I decide to write about the one series that has got so much hatred on grounds of being so harmful to youngsters in depression watching it?

Because, I could walk past it. It took me few weeks to come out of it. But, it was worth it. I am not going to try and blatantly praise this series. Infact I feel,

most of the people who try, understand and watch “13 Reasons Why” do not defend it.

There are lots of posts online that bash ’13 Reasons Why’ for its take on Teen Suicide and not meeting the guidelines that psychiatrists suggest to set it on. But, the comments go a little further making 13 RW look like a trivial series, which is not true. There are some parts of our life, that are dark and steep, scaring us all the time. The scariest part is the distance that the darkness might make us walk because we don’t really know the way around. And, trust me you wouldn’t want to get lost in that darkness. And I am not asking people to embrace the darkness, I’m telling that if you cross paths with that darkness and you could manage, someday you can be the good listener in someone’s life. 13 Reasons can help you with that. It will make you understand that the small things in life matter and some big things do not PROVIDED YOU WATCH IT WITH THE RIGHT MINDSET. This is a story that can happen and I feel we should stop it from happening, watching 13 Reasons Why might not cause it. Not understanding, not trying to connect with people in a way that matters, unfortunately, be one of the reasons causing it.

13 Reasons Why Season One was over. The book doesn’t go beyond the point of Clay sending it over to Sheri. The Series took it further and knew it would test the way things roll, leaving few open ends in the last episode. Et Voila! It worked out and we get Season-2 which is trying to drag the essence of the Former Season and ride on the success. This is just not good, man! (And when I’m writing this I’m on Episode 6. Hope it changes).

Post the release of the second, I was talking to a friend who was halfway through it. Soon, the friend of mine asked me not to watch it if I’m depressed or something. That’s again a 13 Reasons why thing.

People do not recommend it,

Youtube Ads do, like all the time. I remember telling the same thing to my friend when I was done watching Season-1. I told them it should not be watched when we are not in a good spot. When I watched Season-1 I was not in any depression. I only knew it was Teen Series and it had a pattern. I did not know about the book too. Then, I heard Hannah’s voices everytime I wore my headphones for weeks. Still, this will always be close to my heart, for being the pain it was. I wouldn’t tell it “It felt totally real, like out there” But it could be! I could just cross all the episodes barely and feel bad, that led to a positive catharsis. My hands trembled when I had to watch the Scene where Hannah does it. And see I even feel different trying to put that word out there!

13RW is more than the relationship between Clay and Hannah, it’s about the 13 people and the whole world. This started a conversation. Why do you not want to talk about things and just worry about it all along. These things can happen. The world is not all unicorns and philanthropy. Depression is real and Self-Harm is so dangerous that you do not know what would lead to it. This could be one of the reasons why 13 RW is needed.


Avoiding 13 Reason Why is not the answer. But, trying to watch it IN THE RIGHT MINDSET and stopping if it’s disturbing can leave a change in yourself. You could be the person on the tapes, So, watch it, correct yourself and pass the tapes, make sure Bryce pays for what he has done.

And watch this now please- Justin Prentice (Bryce)- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OVGMhze-OVI

A long Sticky Note about 13 Reason why

A person who writes #3

For those who don’t know!

‘A person who writes’ is a series that I write when I am crazily angry, sad, tired or in combinations of these. It starts randomly and gets posted without any editing(little editing). This is little too real. And these posts will also help me as indicators of my journey. I laugh going back to the posts in this series all the time

It’s frikkin 3 AM here! Remember the scene in ‘The Social Network’ where the Zuckerburg character types something called a blog after he’s dumped by the Erica Albrecht character?

“Erica Albrecht is such a bitch”

This is something like that. It doesn’t really matter if it ever happened in his life. That’s just a really good film from Fincher! I’m not going to call on anyone. I just mean that, for a better understanding of all my blogs, all you have to do is read these posts. These posts do not get shared with my friends or gets posted on any other Social Media Networks. So, if you are reading this now. You are a really good soul reading it on the WP Reader or coming straight to my blog(You’re so cool).

I am seriously fucked by this thing called the writers block. I am looking for inspiration. But, nothing’s inspiring. Should I just wait for the word to come out or cut open the layers and get it out?  Should I look out for something that’s inspiring or just cry out loud to the Goddess of Wisdom?

After finishing this one poetry series called “Autumn”, life was a very crazy ride and one really high moment got me write this poem called “A white paper needed ink” and after that I could not write any more poetry. I mean ‘whatever I was writing before that’. Then, I thought it was because of the structure and wrote rants. I mean one rant. It was good. But, then that is gone too. I have two really good concepts to write, but getting really stuck somewhere. You, the person reading this line is a really important person, so if you come across this line of a rant that is just there, I would value your suggestion a lot. So, comment it right away! I need to write. It’s a necessity now. These few months ahead of me is going to be setting things up for many years of my journey. The words that I bleed now will fill me up with experience and love(I am not good with medical words).

Also, note that I am going to be self-hosting soon and going for a different theme. But, the canvas is not as important as the painting is one thing I believe in totally. My plans are just big-ass. Butt, it just ends there.

I am too confused to handle this shit and also life is really complicated and slow moving. If you totally understand the confusion in this post, stick around. Because that’s exactly how my mind is now. There are rays of Sunshine now and then, that’s how I am surviving. Hope to get a little clarity among this confusion. I don’t want this to totally clear out and have a dream run suddenly.

And, everytime I leave behind some movie at the end of these posts, this time it is “SING STREET“.

Cheers to an imperfectly beautiful life!