About me

Hey, Oldsport!

The name is Barath. A 20-year old literature Student from Chennai, India with love for Arts. I write because, I like the rush, the cocky situations it puts me in. Writing gives me a White Crayon, a White Paper and fills my mind with countless colors. The blog and my Instagram are the prisms. Somewhere in the midst of this unexplainable quest lies all the words you read and feel. I really feel this quest will end only in my Ultimate End. Bringing out a Smile on your face is the reason why I do all this stuff. I can do anything for that. I play the strings and take photos while I’m not reading, writing or sleeping.

The blog’s out of shape. I am working on the bugs and will be reworking on it pretty soon. Thanks for spending your time with me and my words. Let’s have an Undying Relationship through words.


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