the first awk-word letter


In love with a Pen.

Yes! I’m actually writing you something. This paper would find a place somewhere in your closet or your drawing table or might be folded into two for saving the edges and kept inside your Journal. I don’t care about where this paper goes. I just am standing here, under this cloud adrift, with fear, not sure if I can send these words, and by words I mean its crux into you. For inside this ‘o’ I have hid my madness and how I exclaim for the mere sight of you, over the title of all the ‘i’ in this letter, my love is standing, surviving the cold of all lonely nights. Every single alphabet that I scribble is for you, and you alone. Just decipher it and wink _____. That is the only moment I can survive without looking at my distorted reflection in your eyes.

I feel so awk-word now. After hitting you with so much out of my confused heart, I am. For I am not the incessant muse kind or the Love-Quotes kind. I am just the Basic-Love thing, with one-off definitions of this feeling. Need I say more! Say “Yes” for I have got so much to tell to you and reimburse for the silence and seconds you have given to me, and also the seconds that I took myself. Bear with me babe, stand with me, walk with me, save me by leaning on my shoulder, feel the heat of my palm by placing yours inside it.

“Words can’t adequately describe love” they said. But words and thoughts about you are all I have.

I can’t see any Albatrosses, skylarks, daffodils, coffee mugs, mistletoes, lobsters or gods that can set my thought on sail. I can only see me! My distorted reflection in your eyes and its image.

It got me into way too many thought-cycles and art-blocks. And proceeding to the next words are getting tough now. This is something I foresaw. Stay with me, if you can. Hope this letter finds you in good health. And I don’t know when this is going to…

Happy Life, anyways…
Only Yours until Oblivion.

-just barath©


How the Journey began..

Hi people! So long..
This letter here was written by me 2 years before. It was for the Queens Commonwealth Essay Competition(I guess!) This was like my first proper Written work. So kindly bear with me. I just wanted to tell everyone how my journey began. My first work deserves a place on this blog. Hope y’all like it! Any comment is welcome..
TITLE- In 15 years the Changes you would like to see into the world

           Every Tom, Iqbal, Michelle, Zydrunas, Chang, Chinchilla, Barath …………
           The World.

          The Executive Officer,
           Human Resources and Communication Wing,
           Above the Skies,
           Address unknown.

Dear Executive,
             How’s Life up there. We Earthlings are not doing that good. I’m sending a letter so will I be branded OLD SCHOOL now? I hope that won’t be a big problem in the scenario that we would be facing in the years to come. These are the words from my heart, the words for which I’m searching solid answers. We’re in the middle of a Transform Coaster ride, riding without our safety belts. The world is actually riding faster than ever. The time gap between Terrorist Attacks and Natural Calamities is very short. What is the problem up there? Has anyone misplaced our Earth in the Bowling Alley?

            In this span of 15 years I want to see all the nations of the world different only by their names. My fellow counterparts must feel proud to call themselves the citizens of the world. I wonder if God created One World or 189, 191, 192, 193, 194, 195 or 196 nations. Many nations are still fighting to claim their freedom. We are just searching for someone to put the blame on, for this miscalculation.

A survey by the “THE CENTER FOR ARMS CONTROL AND NON-PROLIFERATION” reveals that the world is spending $1,630,000,000,000(USD) on Military Expenditure. And the wars on this planet are going on and on.

Guy de Maupassant rightly says about this in his short story TWO FRIENDS,        

Under a King we have Foreign Wars; Under a Republic we have Civil Wars”

           This was just supposed to be a part of the discussion of the friends, but this is the sad truth we earthlings are facing. We also have many lame excuses like, “It’s their fault”, “Tit for Tat” etc. These insignificant phrases are being treated important only after the War ends.

One can’t say how the terrorist organizations are started and how they are recruiting a lot of members in the name of their Great religion, which taught the Ethics of life and war to the World’s citizens. They throw bombs at people just to grab the attention of the world. Why can’t they just learn dance or music?

Mr. Executive I’m partly an agnostic but still I believe the world started with Adam and Eve, so I’ll demand justice for all the Vulnerable, Helpless, and Innocent lives my family lost. If you think this explains the worse situations the worst part is yet to come. Ever heard about people living the life of refugees in their own country, People fleeing their motherlands just to stand away from the aftermath of the fight of two big groups. It is happening in this planet; where lives struggle to exist for another day. People are being shot like clay ducks in an Amusement Park just because the shooter feels it to be amusing. I just don’t want to be a commoner asking “When will this change?” Come on and tell me, “What should I do bring about the change?” Though my life at present is not that tough, I’m just trying to understand the sufferings.

Children are very often compared to flowers; they are being abused, abducted and exposed to shocking violence. Those Children who ran off are the children who are alive. Naturally what is being fed into their minds is A for artillery and B for barrage. While the job of a departmental store worker can’t be safe on my planet who else can expect peace.

Women often attributed to the Goddesses of Beauty are abused, oppressed, harassed, denied freedom just because they are women. Men (me too!) ought to feel ashamed to be a part of this race. From birth to death one needs a woman to be a part of their life as a mother, a friend and a better half. The Earth is even addressed as ‘Mother Earth’. But we hardly treat it like it should be treated. In this fifteen years’ time, I want women to be enjoying freedom from all oppressions. I want Peace and love to be in the hearts and minds of all the World’s Citizens irrespective of their colour, caste, or Religion rather than being mere titles for books and names of Music Bands. I want life to be natural no matter what catastrophe occurs.

One more question- Will the world look the same in 15 years? I mean the seas and peaks. Mr. Executive, got any plans? Greenhouse-gas emissions have risen by nearly 50% in this century. So will we be living in the same Earth in 15 years or in The Earth were Helium-Oxygen mixtures sell for millions and we will be ‘Scuba Walkers’. In 15 years I want my friends to be well aware of the ecological issues and turn Eco-friendly. Anyone would never forget that day ‘21/12/2012’ which was called the DOOMSDAY. Of course nothing bad happened but one day or the other in the future the world will face it. All we can do is postpone it by turning into eco-warriors fighting for our motherland with our greedy selves.  Let’s RECYCLE and also start CYCLING. Of course our earth will be habitable for another 7.79 billion years. But life will get tougher.

As William Cowper, the poet who wrote about everyday life said,

“Existence is a strange bargain. Life owes us little; we owe it everything. The only true Happiness comes from squandering ourselves for a purpose”

On the contrary, our Mother Earth gives us everything and we are not returning the favor by just being gentle enough and using her resources considerably at least. Let’s talk about the economic crisis, inflation, GDP but where on Mars. A plan for settling on MARS is being discussed but it’s just HALF the size of the Earth!

   Money makes many things, but one cannot eat Dollars for breakfast, Yens for lunch and Rupees for dinner. Mr. Executive now you try to answer this “Just because the name has ‘culture’ can all the agricultural crops be cultured in laboratories”. When the farmer stops farming, we would actually stop eating can’t anyone understand this. In fifteen years’ time, I want farming to be a profession, a service anyone would be ready to carry out. In fifteen years’ time, I want my people to realize that agriculturists are the ones who are providing us our food, and therefore turn out in large numbers to support them at all circumstances.

So, Mr. Executive by questioning you I acquired some solutions. We are at a unique point in the world’s history; a point where we have to save the world from becoming just history. So ask Mr. God to postpone the mishap PERMANENTLY.

For those who say 15 years is short it is made up of approximately 400 million seconds (sounds big now!!!). Life’s to live, but living has to be in the ethical way. To see the change in fifteen years we must begin creating the change right now. And now Mr. Executive send it to everyone’s hearts and minds.

And one final word too,
“Anyone who is young by the heart and experienced by the mind is the youth I am talking about”

Thanking You.

                                                                                                        Lots of Respect,
                                                               Every Tom Iqbal, Michelle, Zydrunas, Chang, Chinchilla, Barath …………

The 10 mins love letter

Our professor gives us some cool stuff to discuss or do in the last 10 minutes of an hour. We love his class and never have I missed one of his classes! This happened last semester. He was teaching us a novel. When he realized that the class had started sleeping, he stopped teaching and asked us to write a love letter. He asked us to choose a profession and to write a letter with things related to that profession. We were crazy literature students and this is the best possible thing that could happen. That was the point that I completely felt the difference of being in a arts college.

I chose to be a Librarian and this was the letter I wrote, with few additions. This letter is purely fictional. All credits to the authors who created these titles.

Dear Gitanjali,
                         Things fell apart when I saw you in the Chamber of My Secrets. You broke all my Great Expectations. I was thinking All Night Long. Under the Fifty Shades of the Twilight lets have A walk to remember. You mixed in my heart a strange and comforting feeling like an expert Alchemist. I can’t bear this Holocaust. I’m ready to face the War and Peace, for this Crazy, Stupid Lover Guy will come only from you. I was troubled a lot by the Madding Crowd, you came into my life and then there were none. Will you be The Centre of My Earth.
                                                                                                    Always yours,
Harry Potter a.k.a just barath.

P.s.- Good to be back writing. You know what folks. I’m getting busy. This means a lot you know! Will post often in the coming days.