Jack’s Sparrows

Jack's Sparrows
Episode 4

Forgiving is hard, forgetting harder.

I’m on the verge of forgiving one person in my life. That night made it kinda easier. We decided to have a drink. My first and her 11th(I mean she drinks rarely! I don’t know the number of times she drank).

STATUTORY WARNING: Drinking is injurious to health, so is talking, speaking, answering, discussing and everything.

6’o clock on that fine evening. We both decided to sleep over at our friend’s places after it. Yes! We are grown-ups and we can’t explain it to our homes. We are cheating on ourselves by cheating our parents. We know!

Judge us through all the ways you want for just the one reason that she asked me to drink. But if it reaches her ears, that is when your trouble starts.

It’s Mr.Jack Daniel’s turn to speak up. One gulp, quarter cup. Felt like someone set my oesophagus on fire. Drinkers all over the world! Why do you guys want to burn your food pipe!

“Don’t make me call an ambulance now!” she looked at me.

“It’s! It’s nothing” I tried to be casual.

“Why do you look like you’re going to kill yourselves then?” she laughed.

I heard that. But a headache started. I was trying to balance it out. Man! I was indeed doing it like a pro! One tip and I’m skipping on to what happened after the 5th round. If you are getting high when you don’t want to, just try to think something really different from anything running on your mind. It helped!

“I love you, Barath” she said.

“Eh!” that came out of nowhere.

“It won’t be romantic when I tell that again” she dragged.

“You know what! I am steadier than you!” I told a little loud.

“OK! Your first lesson of Alcoholics! Don’t think women can’t stand high like boys. In reality, women don’t get high like those heroines on-screen. That is bullshit! I meant what I said. In fact, I have told you that a number of times” she said.

The high wore down a little after those words. I could remember most parts of what happened that evening.

“Where do I start? Is it just an approval through words you want? Words are bitches sometimes! I write and I am still telling this” I started.

“There is never this, no strings attached feeling with words. We are accountable. I just have this tiny feeling of fear.  I don’t wanna lie to you about it. In fact, you are the one person I totally do not wanna lie about” took another sip.

“Clearly I don’t want to go the past. But I don’t have a present. I don’t know if.. if I can give this my all. I’m in this phase where every goal I walk turns out to be a mirage. I need you. I need you now. I’ll need you always. I am just this far from the Suicidal Thoughts.You know what gets me going YOU

“I don’t know if I am high. I don’t know how you define it. But alcohol gave me some serious confidence today” I think I said it all.

“This gives me some responsibilities. So I’m not going to let you drink a lot from today. You did speak so much and that matters to me. It’s just this freedom I have when I am with you that makes this so special for me. I don’t have that freedom even when I am alone. Wait! I don’t know if you are going to remember this evening properly!” she smiled while she said that.

“If I won’t rem..remember don’t tell any more important things. Already my memory power is damn poor” I stammered through.

“Barath! You are really in a good kinda high. You never accepted about this memory thing. Never before” she laughed at me.

“I think you got these words out. Not even Mr.Jack here. I’m down and normal. But this left side is less functional” I demonstrated.

She laughed again. You did not note that I told her I love her. She understood that. There is this one thing about humans. They keep you happy or teach you lessons! She was doing both and as I told in the very beginning, I am forgiving someone and Fuck! I am not drinking again! For sometime atleast!!

It’s time for the HOME RUN!

– just barath (c)

Maybe the last- Write side of the heart


3 Day Quote Challenge- Day 1

Hello People! I know its pretty soon to post another story. But challenges have to faced. Any time is the best time to do it.
I’ve been nominated for the “3 days Quote Challenge” by Ms.Madhavi Singh. Thanks again Madhavi. She writes on The quiet girl blogger Ok! Lets do it.

“Some words come to you when you need them the most. They stand before you and then enter your heart. They heal some wounds, intensifies certain feelings, gives the right type of pain and those words never lie to you”.

These quotes that I am about to share were mostly found on Facebook. Credits to the one who wrote it and the one who posted it.


Romance and Peace are two Impressions that are mostly misunderstood. But this quote here is the truth! The hard-hitting truth.

The Rules : 

 1: Thank the person that nominated you.
2: Post 1-3 quotes each day for 3 consecutive days.
3: Nominate 3 bloggers each day to participate in the 3-day Quote Challenge.

I nominate-
Lakshman Raj

My travel diary. Page #1

It was 12:10 P.M. You know the Sun, well he is a close friend of mine. He catches up with me every day (Sometimes he gets unbearably affectionate *me weeps here*). I packed my bags for this Trip of mine. Books, Hydrating Agents, Pen and all! I had the normal Indian Lunch but had to purchase things on the way. I started walking and hit on my friend on the way, with whom I talked about some of the differences between my School and College Life AS USUAL. Things started to get happy as he joined my trip. We knew where we were going, the travelling hours and all but travelling with Friends diminishes all other difficulties.

The journey went on and suddenly. Oh! That’s a different bird *click* (A lovable Pic) and there I quenched my passion for photography. I felt the pic was beautiful and so INSTAGRAMMED it. Well! you know SOCIAL life. My friend who was walking next to me took his mobile liked my picture and commented “You nail’d it Man!” (That’s Friendship).

We stopped by a store that was under that dense canopy of trees and bought some Gums, Drinks and all for the trip. My friend pointed out at a cute little kid who was staring at us. Man I loved his innocent smile. Hope he never loses it even when he gets betrayed by the rules of the world.

And the discussions continued (*beep* Between friends things *beep*). Vehicles shooed by at such speeds. Where the hell are they going? Don’t they know that the fun is in travelling! (Someone has to share my blog to them and teach them). We silently crept between those metal animals and the journey ended.

Yes. The journey was to my Bus Stop. And its 12:24 P.M. now.

When a journey of just 14 minutes can be this heartwarming. It is not a must that you have to spend 25k straight away, go to another city and meet my friend Sun there. I am sure this trip would last in my mind forever because of that insignificant but ‘Means a lot to me’ conversation I had with my buddy. This trip will stay in my mind just like the 1 lakh trip that I will go in the future when I earn 2 lakhs a month (I may. who knows?). So don’t force your parents, siblings for the cash. Earn it. Spend it like you will have an increment every day.

One last thing. A JUST BARATH special (Who is this JUST BARATH? Well your writer, Me!)

“It’s not just about travelling 100 miles in your first trip. It’s about letting your heart conquer that distance in every single journey.”
                                                                                                             – Just Barath.
Bon Voyage readers…