Adventures of the Lazy Nose

Some homes smell of coriander, some have the smell of sewage, incense sticks, cakes and some have the smell of the alien inside their refrigerators. Every home you visit have a smell. You can easily figure out the simple mixes. But, yeah there are places that you can’t figure out this.

Did any of you try figuring out the smell inhabiting your place reading the previous passage? Don’t do it if you have been in this said place for a long time. It would be hard to figure out. Because, your noses would feel natural about the smell and does not take the extra effort. Lazy sensory organs!

I live in a sheeted house on the second floor of a cluster of houses. It very easily becomes a baking furnace in summers(minus the smell of cakes that fill the walls of a baking furnace). I would get roasted every afternoon. Sometimes I feel that my weight does not increase because of my home’s average temperature, after I read articles that stated, F1 drivers lose 3 kilos of their body weight after they complete a race, due to the temperature in their cock-pits(I am no good in science)

But, why am I ranting this now. Because, it’s raining and I am predicting my future, especially the Thursday of next week. And I will be moving out of this place that had been my home for 20 odd years. I am joining a firm in Noida, which is close to our national capital, New Delhi.

Straight out of college, confused, lost, depressed, nervous, I certainly know that I cannot ask for a better place to be than ‘the discomfort zone’. My family is ok with me staying home, finding a job close to home and not have the need to go away. But, I had to shift, be alone, face the troubles of bachelor life, miss home-cooked food, figure out shit, cry alone, live by jugaad and wander.

So, people reading this from any place other than India, just know that it’s not very Indian for person out of college to move out of his home for work. Most parents do not want that happening unless and until their son’s paycheck is heavy and the place is comfortable like home(duh). Daughters on the other hand mostly do not have this choice. If that’s not the case with you I am truly happy for you!

Everyone who has spoken to me about Noida, has not attached any positive connotation to it(which is really good). I myself do not have this utopic feeling towards it. I’ll be happy if the place is decent and the racial slurs are creative.

Let me just drop few lines from ‘The one who goes away‘-


Coming back to the concept, I just hope my new home smells good and my nose gets used to it. And also the fact that it has to be ready to recognize changes in this often. Because by the same time, next week I’ll be there. The music will remain, my reading glasses will remain, my phone will remain but, connected to a power bank. I know for sure, everything else will be new and I will feel like a lost child or to be more precise a Nadaan Parinde!

See you soon delhi!


My Travel Diary. Page #2

The Sunny June 25th. I guess I packed my bag properly. But I was never satisfied with packing my bags for a trip. Always I would forget something. This time was not an exception. The trip was to Eraviputhenthurai, Kanyakumari District. A Journey of 737 kms to the Southern tip of India. I was like Going down and down. Just to face disappointments first. Things eventually got better. But there was something about this place I visited that disturbed me throughout the trip and even after I got home. To brief it up, God owns the place, but to an extent the Government disowned it.

I decided to bring to words whatever I felt about this Journey. The Happy and the Ugly Side. For this place has given me so much love, I repay the love with these words. I try not to be serious in my posts but at some points it is inevitable. We got off our train at the Nagerkoil Junction. And from there we realized that the rest of the trip was broken into segments. The third part was the most aching. We were forced to the last row of the bus which had one of the coolest driver I had ever seen. The roads that the bus travelled were not wider than my streets. It was like the roads were exactly measured after letting a bus pass through. Most of the time the wheels were on the side sands of the road. It was a thrilling ride to the destination. The beautiful sights on both sides of the road decreased the pain a little. All the houses resembled the descriptions in “The God of Small Things” book. I had that expectation before the trip began and Ms.Arundhati Roy had portrayed the place perfectly. A 10 on 10 perfect description.

Credits: The God of Small Things- Ms.Arundhati Roy

Talking about the food in the place, I was very uneasy with it first. But when I got to know that’s the resident’s style I got used to it. But still on the 2nd night they served us Idli. It’s the traditional food back at home. I was like filled with Tears of Joy seriously!! The food was good for the rest of the trip. Though I did not fill my tummy every meal, it was good.

Few incidents in this journey were the greatest learning experiences for me. More than all the Tech Stuff they (Not me!) discussed, few discussions I had with the residents hit me hard. A friendly cricket match was organized within the campmates. I had no interest in playing. So I stood out. A guy came over to me and a light conversation sparked up. He asked about us. I told that we were all from different colleges of the south. He asked me if I knew all MY campmates. I told I knew only 10 among the 90. Then he told me to go and talk freely to all my campmates. He also asked about the girls at the camp. I shaked my head and he smiled. I teased the players for their funny game along with those kids. I remember 3 of the pack Sugilan and the twins Zinadine and Zidane. Zinadine got my mobile from me and started using it freely. I had no stuff to hide, so I let him use it. After seeing some random photos. He got my friend’s mobile and opened the gallery. He did not react much, but my friend did (Explanations not needed for this). We took a group pic and after the game we went into the beach.

A beach was located very close to our stay, like a 5 minutes’ walk.

Our Discussion room and the view

But the beach was not a happy experience. It was broken into fragments throughout the stretch. The water was unclean. Never have I seen such big waves continuously even at Marina (Which is a beach back home). The water has greatly moved in and deaths and mishaps due to the giant waves are common at the place. Yeah! I mean it. A resident who talked so freely to us about the village and showed so much love to us explained us the case. The people have never slept peacefully as the sound of the waves keeps them awake. The fear of being washed away rises during the monsoon. Though the waves looked beautiful for selfies and photography after hearing about the plight of the people it was a disturbing sight all the trip. The only solution, but a really complicated one would be to provide alternate housing conditions. But it is not easy as it sounds!

On our way back home from the trip. I asked the auto rickshaw driver about the condition of the roads. He told us that the roads were laid long back and the potholes are patched only during the election campaign days and the politicians use it as a tool to ask votes. This is the dirty side of Indian Politics that stops every Indian Youth from entering it. The truth that they want to see in the scenario is only present in their manifestos and never in their actions.

There are three things that unites this village Christianity, Brotherhood and Football. You heard it right. Many youngsters from this village represent the state in Santosh Trophy National Football Tournaments. Football is their pastime, their symbol and their identity. I was really surprised by a thing about the village there was a chapel at an interval of ten houses approximately and every Chapel was a big, crafted one.

The sole purpose for which I chose this trip was to get experiences and I got a fair share of it. Oh! Wait. I also got some beautiful photos taken by me in my mobile which I will treasure a lot. This is how I wanted this this particular travel post to be. A picture of the village that means a lot to me.
Bon Voyage!

-©just barath

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The first page of my travel diaries – The link Page 1

My travel diary. Page #1

It was 12:10 P.M. You know the Sun, well he is a close friend of mine. He catches up with me every day (Sometimes he gets unbearably affectionate *me weeps here*). I packed my bags for this Trip of mine. Books, Hydrating Agents, Pen and all! I had the normal Indian Lunch but had to purchase things on the way. I started walking and hit on my friend on the way, with whom I talked about some of the differences between my School and College Life AS USUAL. Things started to get happy as he joined my trip. We knew where we were going, the travelling hours and all but travelling with Friends diminishes all other difficulties.

The journey went on and suddenly. Oh! That’s a different bird *click* (A lovable Pic) and there I quenched my passion for photography. I felt the pic was beautiful and so INSTAGRAMMED it. Well! you know SOCIAL life. My friend who was walking next to me took his mobile liked my picture and commented “You nail’d it Man!” (That’s Friendship).

We stopped by a store that was under that dense canopy of trees and bought some Gums, Drinks and all for the trip. My friend pointed out at a cute little kid who was staring at us. Man I loved his innocent smile. Hope he never loses it even when he gets betrayed by the rules of the world.

And the discussions continued (*beep* Between friends things *beep*). Vehicles shooed by at such speeds. Where the hell are they going? Don’t they know that the fun is in travelling! (Someone has to share my blog to them and teach them). We silently crept between those metal animals and the journey ended.

Yes. The journey was to my Bus Stop. And its 12:24 P.M. now.

When a journey of just 14 minutes can be this heartwarming. It is not a must that you have to spend 25k straight away, go to another city and meet my friend Sun there. I am sure this trip would last in my mind forever because of that insignificant but ‘Means a lot to me’ conversation I had with my buddy. This trip will stay in my mind just like the 1 lakh trip that I will go in the future when I earn 2 lakhs a month (I may. who knows?). So don’t force your parents, siblings for the cash. Earn it. Spend it like you will have an increment every day.

One last thing. A JUST BARATH special (Who is this JUST BARATH? Well your writer, Me!)

“It’s not just about travelling 100 miles in your first trip. It’s about letting your heart conquer that distance in every single journey.”
                                                                                                             – Just Barath.
Bon Voyage readers…